AARP Phone

Tired of using complicated cell phones? Choose AARP phone and change your life

The AARP phone is a special type of phone aimed at aged people. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is the name of a lobbying organization in the United States, which advocates for the interests of older people (over the age of 50). The AARP, based in Washington, DC is an organization whose lobby is well-known work on the state level and at national level. It also offers its members reduced rates at various tourist attractions, car rental agencies, etc., and discounted health insurance. It informs its members about their opinion on fraudulent business practices that would attempt to exploit the situation of older people. The AARP lobbied for special phones for the older people. This led to the formation of the AARP phone for seniors.

AARP Phone

The AARP was founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus. The organization claims to have 40 million members and offices in all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Only half of the members are actually already retired. A special program of the AARP is “Drive to End Hunger”, whose aim is to satisfy hunger among American seniors. The racing driver Jeff Gordon is an ambassador of this campaign. AARP has changed the lives of the older people by introducing the AARP phone. This phone is specially designed so that aged people can use it easily. There are specific buttons which can help contact emergency services directly. Thus, the AARP phone is highly convenient.

In addition to the primary interface with the digital telephone network, an AARP phone offers other interfaces, such as infrared, USB, Bluetooth and wireless internet on which data can be exchanged. The chargers for mobile phones differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Under pressure from the European Union, all major mobile phone manufacturers agreed to adopt a common charger based on the micro-USB connector. This allows future AARP phone models to be loaded with same type of chargers. This is highly convenient for older people.

Not just that, statements and amendment proposals for AARP phone lobbying is mostly compiled by the Legal Department or other departments. It is the task of the lobbyists to convey the amendment proposals to decision makers and to place them in the relevant bodies (“policy advice”). The placement is in legitimate lobbying argumentative acting on the decision makers. The argumentative action is often successful because deputies and officials are dependent on expertise in difficult situations to make decisions in quick succession about the new AARP cell phone models. Another field of influence is in the clever placement of industry experts inclined in public hearings or during the preparation of expert reports. Public opinion is attempted through press releases, ad campaigns, and appearances in panel discussions, informal meetings with journalists or writing articles in professional journals. Visitor groups are cared for in capital offices. The lobby group generally tries to be a “window” in its industry in the capital and aims to represent the elderly.