AARP Phone – Know the details about senior cell phone

Details about AARP Phone

What is senior cell phone?

You know what is AARP Phone or Senior cell phone it is a type of cell phone that is specifically designed to suit aged people. These kinds of phones have been developed by lobbying. Lobbying is a concept for a form of advocacy in politics and society. By lobbying, interest groups (lobbies), mainly attempt maintaining personal connections, the executive and the legislative influence. They also affect the public opinion through public relations. This is done primarily through the mass media. Since the term involves critical connotations, it will not be called interest group. It will be known as “lobbying organization”. Large companies have a capital office or a representative office. Lobbying organizations that aim to protect the interests of senior citizens lobbied for the creation of cell phones which were easy to use. Hence, the concept of senior cell phone was introduced.


Senior cell phone functionalities

A cell phone for seniors has all the standard functionalities of a cell phone. The difference is that it is easier to use. Aged people often have problem in dealing with complicated electronic devices. The senior phone offers a lot of short cut buttons

Senior cell phone

which can be used to communicate with different parties. A lot of numbers can be stored in the speed dial option. Emergency numbers can be reached with special buttons too. Thus, in case of any health issue or accident, the authorities can be alerted swiftly with just the click of a button. This kind of phone ensures that senior citizens can be safe. They can use these phones easily. Lobbying in support of senior citizens led to this wonderful phone.

Lobbying for senior cell phone was a method of influence on decision-makers and decision-making processes, in particular through information, as part of a strategy. The “lobbying” is often circumscribed by four characteristics:

  • Information gathering,
  • Information exchange,
  • Influence,
  • Strategic direction of the business of senior cell phone.

Stakeholders gather to gain knowledge of project policy-makers’ information. The Central Association and the Association members are informed accordingly and evaluate the information from their legal and technical departments. The evaluation is performed in terms of the impact of the project on the activities of the members of the Association. It is recommended that for effective advocacy, it is not only important to obtain information from publicly available sources, but also to get information through interest-based relationship management with decision makers and other lobbyists early in an informal way of information. The strong demand for senior cell phone was noted by the different mobile phone companies. And soon, they responded by introducing different options of the senior cell phone. 

The operating system of the cell phone for seniors is usually not produced by the manufacturer, but operated under license. This is by far most common among smartphone operating system, Android. Other popular systems are Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Symbian. Some of the senior cell phone options run on Linux-based operating systems. With the help of such programs users can also modify the phone. In extreme cases, this can be the case that the device is no longer a mobile phone, but has completely different needs. The transition from phone to PDA is fluid.